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Quality pond supplies delivered to your door!

Save on water garden supplies from today's leading manufacturers.

Pond Leader offers everything you need for your backyard fish pond, water garden, or fountain. Our experienced team of pond professionals can help make your do-it-yourself project a success, while helping you avoid many of the most common pond building mistakes. We offer a wide selection of quality external pond pumps, submersible pumps, aerators, Koi fish food, pond water treatments, algae control and more. Thanks to our direct buying relationship with many of today’s leading manufacturers, we eliminate the middle man and pass the savings on to our customers.

OASE Pondovac 4, the world's number one selling pond vacuum is now available exclusively at PondLeader.com! This world-class pond vacuum system is deal for Koi ponds, water gardens and a wide variety of household uses. covered by a 3 year limited warranty, the Pondovac 4 is highly recommended by experienced pond builders worldwide. PondLeader.com proudly ranks as the only authorized OASE Web Retailer in California, and offers the complete line of quality OASE pond supplies.

Dainichi Koi Food, which is milled to order for us direct from the manufacturer, is widely regarded as the finest Koi fish diet available on the market today. Featuring calcium montmorillonite clay, this exceptional fish food can help bring out vibrant colors, optimal health, and exceptional growth in Koi fish. We also offer the complete line of quality Koi diets from TOMiGAi and Mizuho.

Save on Elite Pumps, energy efficient external pond pumps designed specifically for use in residential ponds and commercial water features. Engineered to offer superior performance and value compared to competitor pumps on the market, these durable water circulation pumps are truly in a class of their own. We also offer everyday great deals on other quality pumps, including PerformancePro Pumps.

Matala Filter Media is arguably the finest bio media ever designed for use in outdoor fish ponds. This durable pond filter media offers outstanding biological and mechanical filtration and is also extremely easy to maintain. Available in half sheets, full sheets or rolls, Matala consistently ranks among our most popular items for pond owners nationwide. We also offer the complete line of BioSteps 10 Filters and other quality Matala pond supplies.

Aeration is a critical component for a healthy aquatic system. Our quality line of Alita Air Pumps delivers superior performance and reliability, ensuring a well oxygenated environment needed for healthy Koi and other pond fish. Available in a variety of models to accommodate everything from formal Koi ponds to small planted water gardens, Alita aerators are an amazing value.

Ultraviolet sterilization is the permanent fix for green water caused by algae blooms in outdoor waterscapes. Our line of Evo UV Sterilizers can help achieve crystal clear water in your pond while offering you amazing savings compared to competitor units on the market. Offering easy installation and proven quality, that UV clarifiers delivery unmatched performance.

Save on everything for your Koi pond or water garden today at Pond Leader!

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